2015 Legacy Winners

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  • Emily Ashkin

    Emily Ashkin grew up strongly believing that age is no limitation. Born in Charlotte, North Carolina, Emily was touched by cancer at a very young age. When Emily was eleven, her mom was diagnosed with skin cancer. Like every 21st-century kid, she desperately searched the world of information at her… More

  • Nia Boulware

    “The unfortunate fact is that the stories are always told by the survivors, and those victors teach the next generations.“ -Nia Boulware Nia Boulware is a storyteller. She describes her favorite pastime as sitting along and “creating her own version of the world.” Yet she is very much a survivor… More

  • Alina Czekala

    Alina Czekala started playing the violin at the age of six, and was classicallytrained in Germany. She received her Bachelor’s degree with Academic Honors from the New England Conservatory of Music, where she studied with Miriam Fried. She is currently pursuing a Master of Music degree in violin performance at… More

  • Atin Mittra

    Atin Mittra is the founder and Executive Director of MADE, a social enterprise that provides peer-to-peer financial education to college students. Although Atin studied engineering, he spent most of his time engaging in community service endeavors during his time at the University of Maryland, College Park. He spent two years… More

  • Emma Grace Thompson

    Emma Grace Thompson loves to investigate the past and tell its stories, and she has been involved in National History Day since sixth grade. In 2010, as an eighth grader, she received second prize for her film: “Innovation Ends Isolation: The Effect of the Telephone on a Small Appalachian Community,“… More

  • Jennifer Tu

    “I may forget your name. I may forget what you look like. But I’ll never forget what you mean to me.” This quote from Basya, whom Jennifer has visited every weekend through the Harvard College Alzheimer’s Buddies (HCAB), reminds her of the gravity of the social isolation that affects the… More