2006 Legacy Winners

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  • Blair Alexander Jr.

    Blair Alexander Jr.

    Born in Bethesda, Maryland, Blair Alexander Jr. has been surrounded by instrumental, choral and religious music throughout his life. Each of these experiences has impacted on his development and love for music. He began piano lessons while at elementary school and was quickly recognized as an astute student by his… More

  • Gayatri Datar

    Gayatri Datar

    Gayatri was born in Pittsburgh, PA, and grew up in Stanford, CA, and Weston, MA.  She is currently a joint degree candidate at Harvard University Kennedy School of Government (MPA in International Development) and Stanford Graduate School of Business (MBA).  She is also the co-founder of earthenable, a social enterprise… More

  • Mahan Esfahani

    Mahan Esfahani

    Born in Tehran, Iran, Mahan Esfahani grew up in the Washington D.C. metropolitan area and from childhood was surrounded by music, literature, and the intense study of history and languages. His experience as an immigrant to this country was formative in the early development of a strong work ethic and… More

  • Carmiel Schickler

    Carmiel Schickler

    Carmi Schickler was born in Milwaukee, Wisconsin but raised on Long Island in Port Washington, New York. As a student at Paul D. Schreiber High School, Carmi has participated in numerous activities, including serving as the Vice President of the National Honor Society. Carmi was also a co-founder of his… More

  • Nathaniel V. Stevens

    Nathaniel V. Stevens

    Born in New Haven, Connecticut, Nathaniel Stevens was always interested in creating things; whether it was a piece of art, a winning sports team, or a musical composition. During his time at Amity High School in Woodbridge Connecticut, Nathaniel was involved in both the fine arts and music programs. In… More